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Dev Biswal


The Ambrette Restaurant is accountable for its own actions in regard to the impact on the environment. We aim to comply with all relevant legislation and are proactive in promoting others, customers, supplier and staff to follow our example. We continually monitor and act upon our usage of energy and recycling and are constantly looking for improvements.

  • We only purchase paper supplied from sustainable sources. Computer paper is printed on both sides and scrap paper kept and is re used.
  • We are members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and Produced in Kent
  • We record electricity, gas and water consumption on a regular basis to identify areas of wastage.
  • We only purchase goods as and when needed minimising on wastage, storage and making sure of rotation.
  • We use local suppliers where possible and use suppliers that are environmentally conscious as we are.
  • The usage of the outside flood lights, air condition units and heaters are strictly restricted and monitored by management.
  • We work closely with our suppliers ensuring our carbon footprint is considered in all cases.
  • We reduced our water consumption in the last three years by 30% repairing leaking taps.
  • We use fair-trade products where possible.
  • Freezers are regularly defrosted.


  • We believe that animals that are farmed for food have the right to a good quality of life and this should not be compromised because of price.
  • We will source products that are assured through the Red Tractor Scheme wherever possible. This ensures the animals have been kept in humane surroundings throughout their lives. Food with the label has been produced, processed and packaged in the UK.
  • We will investigate the food sourcing policy of the suppliers and communicate our company policy to the supplier.
  • We do not use suppliers that transport livestock at any point in the food chain.
  • We use British meat wherever possible.
  • We source fish that is plentiful to avoid our local fish from disappearing from our seas.
  • We will purchase exotic meats from suppliers that are in keeping with the welfare and conservation policies of the EU.
  • We will inform our customers on the menu and on our website of the considerations the company has made to animal welfare when sourcing our food.

2013/2014 TARGETS:

  • Ensure staff are fully aware of our environmental policy with improved training.
  • Improve the level of information regarding the origins of our meats on our website and menus.
  • We aim to return all cardboard and polystyrene to our suppliers to reduce the waste we send to landfill sites by 60% within 6 months.
  • To reduce the electricity consumption by 30% by reducing the temperature in the kitchen store ensuring freezers and fridges are working efficiently.
  • To reduce the gas consumption by 60% by replacing the old boiler with an A rating appliances within 6 months.
  • To reduce considerably and ultimately omit all use of non bio degradable products within one year.
  • To make staff more aware of the consequences of not reaching targets - not only to the business, but to the wider environment by giving incentives for results.
  • To source higher-welfare egg products.
  • Replace all standard bulbs where fittings are compatible within 2 months and other fittings to have reduced.
  • To recycle 100% of paper, cardboard and glass within 2 months.

This is an embryonic policy and will continue to evolve as we continue to learn about the effects of this business on the local and wider world, so therefore will be continually reviewed. We actively encourage feedback and the support of our customers, suppliers and staff, so that we may all help